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Founding members of UKCVFamily attend the UK's Covid-19 Public Inquiry

Charlet Crichton (left) and Caroline Pover (right)

Caroline Pover and Charlet Crichton, both founding members of UKCVFamily, attended the preliminary hearing for Module 4 of the UK's Covid-19 Public Inquiry on Wednesday to hear Anna Morris KC give an oral submission on the groups' behalf.

This comes after over a year and a half of ongoing discussions with Terry Wilcox, solicitor at Hudgells law firm.

Anna Morris KC and Christian Weaver, instructed by Terry Wilcox at Hudgells Solicitors, represent over 1,350 people who have suffered an adverse reaction or bereavement as a result of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Anna Morris KC pictured speaking on behalf of UKCVFamily, the Scottish Vaccine Injury Group and VIBUK at the Inquiry on Wednesday 13th September 2023

The Inquiry will allow vaccine injured to ‘share stories and call for change’

Terry Wilcox, Solicitor at Hudgell Solicitors, who has represented families at the recent Manchester Arena Inquiry and subpostmasters at the ongoing Post Office Horizon IT Inquiry, said: “These are groups of people who had a Covid-19 vaccine to protect themselves during the pandemic, and who, unfortunately, have suffered serious ill health since"

“Some people have sadly died due to complications; deaths which have been recognised by medical professionals and the courts, to have been caused by the complications linked to the vaccines"

Terry Wilcox from Hudgells solicitors

'Call for change'

Neil Hudgell, owner and executive chairman of Hudgell Solicitors said, “When we were first approached to represent these groups of people we felt it only right to support them by applying for them to have a voice at this inquiry and to be given core participant status We are glad that permission has now been granted as this is the right platform for them to share their stories and call for change"

“Until now, many have felt ignored as they have struggled to get medical, practical, emotional, and financial support for life-changing conditions that began shortly after vaccination. Their stories are important and need to be heard.”

'Lessons to be learned'

Charlet Crichton, founder of UKCVFamily, says the group are hoping their involvement will lead to improved support for people who suffer adverse reactions to vaccines in the future.

She said: “All of our members took at least one vaccine, having been told repeatedly by the government that in doing so we would not only be protecting ourselves from ill health, but also protecting the vulnerable members of our society.

“We took the vaccine in good faith, assuming that should any adverse reactions arise, we would be looked after in the same vein as we were looking after our fellow citizens. Instead, we have experienced the opposite — lack of medical knowledge and help, a lack of compassion and understanding, lack of financial recompense, and a lack of support"

"There is also a stigma attached to being vaccine-injured that has no place in modern Britain. In order to rebuild trust from the general public, which is vital in the event of future health crises, this country urgently needs to have an effective and compassionate means of medically, practically, financially, and emotionally supporting the vaccine injured and those that are bereaved"

“We appreciate Baroness Hallett and the Inquiry for including us in the proceedings. We hope that by giving our evidence, the government will learn from our situation and make improvements for those who may suffer adverse reactions from vaccination in the future.”

Members of Parliament supporting their vaccine injured or bereaved constituents

Caroline Pover is a Cotswold-based award-winning author, speaker, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, and a Founding Member of UKCVFamily. She is also the author of the Covid Vaccine Adverse Reaction Survival Guide.

Caroline was an admin on an international Covid vaccine-injury support group until Facebook shut it down. She has worked closely with Charlet Crichton, in managing UKCVFamily since its inception, and has specific responsibility for developing the group’s political campaign.

Caroline says she "has been touched by the many MPs who are quietly supporting their vaccine-injured constituents, and is keen to hear from more MPs who would like to get involved"

UKCVFamily is working with MPs who are willing to actively support the group's efforts to develop a vaccine-injury program that meets the medical, emotional, and psychological needs of a highly marginalised, stigmatised, and isolated group in society.

UKCVFamily mission statement, written by Caroline Pover in conjunction with UKCVFamily members

Module 4 is scheduled to hear evidence in the summer of 2024.

You can watch Anna Morris KC speak on behalf of the three groups represented at the Public Inquiry here at 1 hr 55 minutes

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