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On May 22nd, UKCVFamily attended the Covid-19 public inquiry with legal representation, and counsel, from Hudgells solicitors, Terry Wilcox, Anna Morris KC and Mark Bradley KC.

Two other groups representing the Covid vaccine injured and bereaved also attended; The Scottish Vaccine Injury Group and VIBUK. David Cross from The Centre for British Documentary Photography also attended with UKCVFamily. UKCVFamily released this press statement as follows;

UKCVFamily are concerned with the latest news that the Inquiry has deviated from it's original plan to investigate Covid vaccine harms in detail. The public were told by the Government, that there was no need for a separate inquiry for this matter, as it would be investigated in Module 4 of the Covid-19 inquiry.

Module 4 has been delayed by six months already and is now shortened to three weeks instead of four, which we feel is an inadequate timeframe in which to explore fully, the impact of vaccines and therapeutics during the Pandemic.

While we welcome signs from the Government that the Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme may be reviewed, unfortunately, as we see too often with social injustices, this isn’t happening in a timely manner to aid those affected. The vaccine injured and bereaved need medical, emotional and financial support now, not in decades time.

We have urged Baroness Hallett and the Inquiry to make  interim recommendations regarding the Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme, in light of the delay of Module 4, and the substantial impact this is having on the Covid-19 vaccine injured and bereaved.

Left to right- Brian Howard, Alison Valentine Bettles, Dean Valentine and Charlet Crichton

A charity golf day, raffle and auction was held on Friday 24th May in aid of UKCVFamily. Dean Valentine, who is a member of UKCVFamily, and his wife Alison organised the event to promote the charity and raise awareness, after Dean himself suffered a Covid-19 vaccine injury. His son Albert, is also fundraising for UKCVFamily here

Alison is a retired actress known for playing the character, Fay Lucas in BBC's Grange Hill for six series. The day went extremely well and UKCVFamily Trustee, Brian Howard gave a speech to a packed dining room which was well recieved during which he said;

"With more funding we can commit to our campaigns, pushing for more medical, financial and emotional support for our members, and to reach out to those who are still struggling alone. Nobody needs to be suffering with this alone."

"UKCVFamily is, and always will be, a place of support, love and compassion. We help to keep each other alive. And this is your opportunity to help us."

Thankyou to the Valentines and all who attended and donated ❤️

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