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Supporting our UK CV Family and all those injured by the Covid-19 vaccine with our latest advocacy news, research highlights, guest articles, UK CV Family 'wins' and more.

About this page ...

This Friends of UK CV Family page is set up to allow our supporters to stay informed about our group activities.

If you would like to support our activities through donating your time, expertise, or money, then please Like or Follow us here;

From time to time, we will put a call out for specific needs that our community has, and we would love to hear from you if you can help. Until now, our support and advocacy efforts have mostly been conducted by members of our own community, which can be extremely challenging when we are still so sick. We NEED and APPRECIATE your help. ❤️

An important word about the culture we are trying to cultivate ... UK CV Family is a gentle, kind, and welcoming community. We do not judge anyone on their health decisions. We actively discourage scaremongering posts. We do not participate in pro/con discussions. We promote compassion and kindness. And if you comment on any of our posts, we expect you to do the same. ❤️

Please note ... if you are injured, bereaved, or caring for someone who is injured, please join the relevant support group where you will find others like you and a wealth of resources specifically to guide you through this challenge. Contact us if you are having trouble finding the right group for you❤️

There are people still in the UK that think they are alone in their suffering from an adverse reaction to a Covid vaccine. If you can spare a little bit of time by distributing some of our leaflets in your local community please let us know by emailing and we will get some of our leaflets sent out to you ❤️

In February of 2022, UK CV Family, started writing letters to MPs for their members concerning the issues they face personally and also the wider issues that the vaccine injured community faces.

It has been successful so far in that of the 200 or more MPs we have written to, over a third we class as supportive.

A film about our campaign was made in the spring of 2022 called "A letter to my MP - UK CV Family" which you can watch here

After months of talks with MPs, we also attended the first APPG regarding Covid 19 vaccine harm accompanied by Dr Christian Buckland.

MPs have supported our members in many ways; from helping to obtain medical refferals right through debating and raising questions for us in Parliment.

If you'd like us to send our letter to your MP please email us ❤️

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