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"I am unable to do any exercise and have been mostly bed bound for around 7 months now. I suffered a long list of neurological and heart related symptoms which have not resolved 7 months later. My lifestyle has been temporarily put on hold"


"I am in a constant state of anxiety and depression. My symptoms have been so bad and debilitating that I have been scared that I might die and have a feeling of impending doom"​

"I have had to withdraw from university as I was in my 2nd year of a maths degree and I am living with my mum at the moment as I cannot look after myself. My parents have split the costs with me but hospital bills have been very expensive" 


"Since my vaccines I am constantly in pain, fatigued, nauseous, the list of physical impacts for me is endless, but, the worst for me has to be not being able to eat properly anymore"


"I've been living with debilitating symptoms everyday for over 12 months now and spending most days inside has certainly taken its toll on my mental health, as well as not getting adequate support from healthcare professionals. I’ve never felt so isolated"

"I’ve been off sick for months now so funds are low. I'm having to fork out for private healthcare such as consultations, tests, medication and physiotherapy to help my healing process as the NHS waiting times are so long" 

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Christina - square.jpg


"I've had Costocondritis, tachycardia, brain fog, dizziness, unable to eat now for 6 months, skin rashes/burns, migraines, severe pins and needles, tingling, numbness, spine tingling burning and throbbing"


"I am worried and don't know what's going on with my body. Doctors have ignored me and I feel like I am in a helpless situation which has been extremely traumatic"

"I had my 1st dose of Astrazeneca on March 21st 2021, 2 weeks after is when my life was hugely impacted by what I, was told would save me, and by what I was told was safe"


"I have tremors in both arms, my legs tingle all the time and at night my skin burns. The nerve and head pain can be horrendous. I have severe fatigue, nausea, tachycardic episodes, blood pooling and this is ongoing now for 2 and a half years"

"I've lost my business, I can no longer do my job because of my ill health, I've spent my savings seeing private consultants" 

"I am a shadow of my former self and that is something I am learning to come to terms with"

"I was told that the vaccines were safe and effective, yet when I had an adverse reaction which has left me permanently, chronically ill, no one is bothered. We absolutely can role out a vaccine and still look after those that are injured, all medication has side effects, so why are we not being researched?" 

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Zulma - square.jpg


"I developed severe insomnia and 24/7 muscle spasms and jerks post vaccine June 2021. I am not responding well to any medicine tried so far"

"I had to stop trying to fall pregnant due to the strong medication prescribed to mask (not resolve) the symptoms. I fear I am running out of time now due to poor health after my vaccine"


"I have spent thousands of pounds so far on private doctors appointments and tests" 

"I was studying to become a chartered accountant but because of symptoms, I have had to stop. I have had to take a lot of time off work and I worry about losing my job due to frequent absences"


"Since May 2021 I have struggled in pain with many symptoms I have never experienced before. I have had to have an ambulance to take me to A&E due to my body violently shaking and a high heart rate for over 10.5 hours. I am no longer fit and healthy"

"I am 43 year old woman that was previously a very happy, fit and healthy person who thoroughly enjoyed doing daily Hit workouts throughout the pandemic, now, I can’t even hold my body strength to play the game Twister with my child. I have to rely on family support it and it is emotionally draining" 

"I can’t work or even apply for a new job as my body has relapses un-expectantly and is exhausted. I have no income" 

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Caroline - Square.jpg

"I used to run 5K every day; on a good day, I can now walk 1km. I have a pint of blood removed every two months just to be able to function at one third of my pre-vaccine capacity"

"Many years ago, before the vaccine, I experienced four strokes, heart surgery, and two divorces (one abusive). But THIS … dealing with an adverse reaction to a vaccine in the current social climate, has been the worst experience of my life"

"I have spent almost £7000 in testing and treatments in 12 months. I have no savings left. Navigating government support has been a nightmare. I will probably have to sell my business and my home”


"I applied to Vaccine Damages Payment Scheme in April 2021; my claim has not yet been opened"



"Lots of normal tasks are very difficult, I get tired easily and have no strength. I was a very active person before and now I suffer with neurological conditions"

"Emotionally I can't cope anymore, its so much to deal with and sleepless nights what's happening to me? Why can't recover? Why does nobody care from NHS?" 

"My life changed instantly. My first words were ''God please help me" 

"I have spent a lot of money for private doctors and private tests because my NHS doctor wouldn't investigate my condition. I have lost a lot of money and am still losing money due to this and time off work"

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Emma - Square_edited.jpg


"This injury has affected my health as due to the extreme pain, fatigue, Post Exertional Malaise & brain fog I am unable to leave my home much or do simple tasks that I could manage perfectly a year ago. It has destroyed the life I had built"

"I feel anger, frustration & grief for the life I used to have & kick myself daily for not researching more"


"I've even had suicidal thoughts which I've never had in my 17 year ME history. I feel a failure as my 77 year old mum has to come & cook & clean for me as I'm just not able to"


"My injury hasn't affected me financially as I've been able to work from my bed. It would be a different story if I'd been working in an office every day as the one day a week I am rota'd in absolutely exhausts me" 


"My life has changed drastically since my vaccine. Each day I worry and wonder if the things I eat, drink or breathe are going to set off a severe reaction"

"The vaccine has triggered something in my body that feels immunologic-ally destructive"

"I've struggled to get medical help since my vaccine while being ignored and belittled. I experienced intense head pain and pressure along with vision problems only to be told it didn't need investigating. I was treated as hysterical by an EMT in my own home for having a serious heart episode. I've been ignored all night at my hospital to wait in a dirty storage room alone and frightened after an anaphylactic attack" 

"It's not right for the medical establishment to dismiss us as we still have a right to care"

Chan - square.jpg


"Every part of my body has been effected. I struggle to do simple tasks now and suffer in pain everyday, it’s very difficult to look after my children and I don’t go anywhere other than appointments"

"The vaccine caused me to develop many long term problems making my life miserable including chronic migraine aura, visual issues, tremors, weakness, nerve pain, muscle spasms and twitches and chronic Alice in Wonderland syndrome"

"I'm struggling financially now, I had to give up a job I loved because I was no longer capable. Treatment has cost me thousands and I’m struggling to make ends meet" 

Charlotte - Square.jpg
Christina2 - Square.jpg


"My social life was built around my sports and passion for adventure. The social isolation and deep sadness I feel now I can no longer participate has been devastating to me, and my whole family"

"I haven't been able to ride a bike since the single dose of Pfizer unleashed a myriad of bizarre and debilitating neurological symptoms"


"I have a PhD in Glaciology, but now work in peatland restoration. I was off work for 4 months post vaccination and i continue to struggle with the demands of the job due to my poor health 9 months on"


"I’m not the same person I was before, my health has deteriorated to the point were I can barley leave the house or do simple chores"

"My life changed dramatically when I had my second Astra Zeneca vaccine in august 2021"

"I can’t work and I’m in debt because of the loss of income and the expense of paying for tests and treatments for my symptoms" 

"This has been the most frightening experience of my life, I’ve had little support from family and friends and doctors don’t seem to know how to help me. I feel very afraid and alone not knowing what’s wrong with me or how to get better"

Jade - Square.jpg
Brian - Square.jpg


"Since 1 Pfizer vaccine I have been suffering with numerous neurological issues including twitches, tremors, paresthesia, jolts to the body and constant head pressure plus much more"

"Having spent thousands on private neurological appointments and supplements and having to cut back on work as a result of my symptoms the financial impact has also been significant. I still have no answers"

"We all did what we thought was right and yet have been left to rot with no real support.  Realising how many of us are out there is scary but also reassuring that we are not alone.  I’m very grateful to have the support of this wonderful group"


"I can't spend quality time with my children and husband the way I used to because I am just too tired or dizzy or in pain. I can barely accomplish minimal tasks and my husband has been increasingly stressed compensating for my absence in my normal duties"


"My friends say l am not the same, they notice how l cannot do anything anymore"

"I was a very healthy person before the vaccine. My friends would describe me as being high energy and busy every day. I had a regular routine of jogging and cycling"


"I get quiet emotional sometimes when I can't drop the children to school, when I cannot look after them anymore as I used to do before. It makes me feel really sad"

Christina - Square.jpg
Rachael - Square.jpg


"My reaction to my 2nd dose was severe, after several rushes to a&e in a short space of time, I ended up hospitalised for 10 days. My worst ongoing symptoms are inappropriate sinus tachycardia and severe insomnia"

"For the past 9 months it has felt like my vaccine reaction has ruined my life, with no reason to expect any improvement due to a lack of support and treatment options"


"I am financially suffering as I try for alternative treatments to try & improve my quality of life. I am left short tempered and irritable with my 3 children in a daily basis as without sleek we cannot function. My life is no longer the same" 


"Sunshine puts me in agony! My skin and nerves are left hypersensitive, any touch at all hurts"


"My happiness has been stolen, I am no longer comfortable in my skin"

"I have spent about £1000 in alternative treatments & supplements, while no help has been offered by any of the doctors I've seen. 

Julie - Square.jpg
Daniella - Square.jpg


"I find it hard to keep going each day, this has been and is really hard, mentally and physically. I am fortunate to have my faith that keeps me strong "

"I have better days, but then symptoms relapse and it starts again"

"I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. I miss myself. No diagnosis and no treatment. All doors have been closed right in my face"


"I have had to spend most of my savings on supplements to try and support my heath and  I have lost income when I have been too ill to work. I can't afford to pay to see a consultant privately and so far, I feel let down by the NHS"



"The day before my jab I was planning to train for a 5km open water swim in the North Sea throughout the winter months. Since March 2021, my body went haywire and I am still a shadow of my former self"

"Palpitations and tachycardia, neurological issues, dysautonomia and derealisation, depression and anxiety, GI issues and nausea, weight loss, insomnia, voice issues, ear - gland - throat and chest pain, tremors and shaking, crushing fatigue, unable to get out of bed, unable to sit upright to eat, unable to stand. The list goes on"

"I have spent thousands on private help and had to go off sick. Family stayed with us to look after our daughter" 

"I now don’t swim, work from my bed and do very little outside of the house. Unable to plan anything with family. 

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