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UKCVFamily Statement

In an unprecedented rollout and mass vaccination campaign, the number of people in the UK affected by adverse reactions to a Covid vaccine has highlighted the dire need for change.

UKCVFamily proposes that there be a more comprehensive adverse reaction protocol in place for supporting the medical, financial, and emotional needs of the vaccine-injured in a more timely manner, as follows:

• establishment of NICE guidelines for adverse reactions to vaccines,
• training within the healthcare system for those who come into contact with potential
patients with adverse reactions,
• a dedicated research team to discover the nature of adverse reactions,
• a national awareness campaign highlighting possible symptoms of adverse reactions
to vaccines and encouraging those suffering to seek help,
• vaccine manufacturers to take responsibility for investigating adverse reactions to their products,

• a reduction in the eligibility criteria for the Vaccine Damage Payment,
• the removal of limited eligibility criteria if there is a clear medical diagnosis or
bereavement caused by vaccination,
• in cases where there is a medical diagnosis or bereavement clearly determined as
caused by vaccination (such as a coroner’s report), payment of damages to be issued
within 28 days of the diagnosis or report,
• a financial contribution made toward any healthcare expenses incurred as a result of
the NHS not being able to meet the medical needs of the vaccine-injured,
• in cases where vaccination was a condition of employment, and the employee
suffered an adverse reaction, the employer recognises the adverse reaction as a
workplace injury,

• funding for a helpline dedicated to the emotional support of the vaccine-injured,
• mental health organisations (such as the BACP) to be encouraged to include support
for the vaccine-injured as part of its areas of expertise,
• institutions providing courses for mental health practitioners to be encouraged to
feature medical trauma — including vaccine injury — as part of its syllabus, and
• a national campaign aimed at raising awareness of and removing the stigma toward
adverse reactions to vaccination.

UKCVFamily also requests the establishment of a more robust follow up system to the currently
available Yellow Card System. Currently, none of the reports are followed up or investigated to an
adequate standard. There should be an extension of the scheme to include thorough investigation
and support of cases that have not been resolved.
The treatment of the vaccine-injured has historically been a source of shame. It is time for change.

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment to improve the world.” — ANNE FRANK

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