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Global Support

Not from the UK or looking for worldwide support? Here is a list of international support groups. These links will take you to the websites and social media of our global allies.

International Declaration in cooperation with React-19

We, as international partners, come together, on this March 25, in the year 2022, to affirm our shared mission and values and lay the groundwork for future cooperation.

Recognizing that the global effort to bring an end to the SARS-COV-2 global pandemic, vaccination has been the central tool adopted by national and international public health agencies and governments.

Acknowledging that while COVID-19 vaccinations are “deemed safe and effective”, there has been a lack of universal, fully informed consent in the vaccination process.

Reflecting on the impact of the SARS-COV-2 pandemic on humanity, the countless lives and livelihoods lost, and the toll on the social, economic and political fabrics of our societies, we affirm the importance of safe, well-researched medical interventions as tools to save lives.

Attesting to our concerns that vaccinations continue without fully informed consent, transparency, full disclosure of all side/adverse effects and the lack of coordinated research and medical responses to such reactions.

Further acknowledging, that side effects, adverse effects and deaths have been well-established and documented in a growing body of databases and research.

Avowing that those afflicted with injuries from the COVID vaccines have been caught in the crossfire of mandates, politics, and a push to the end the pandemic, leaving the majority without:

  • recognition of their reaction in general,

  • recognition or action by governments and/or public health agencies,

  • recognition by media outlets,

  • concerted efforts to research injuries,

  • and access to competent, interested medical care, and/or treatments.

We, the signatories of this declaration,

Assert our primary goal is to get the injured healed!

Attest to our mission and primary focus of our work is patient-centered research, collaboration and advocacy focused on the health of those suffering a COVID-19 vaccine injury.

Affirm our commitment to science, research and scientific advancements to end the global pandemic in the atmosphere of transparency.

Support vaccinations in general and recognize their importance in preventing disease and saving lives, but also firmly support fully informed consent, transparency and help for the injured.

Proclaim that we are independent, not-for-profit and do not align with any one political party, political movement, religion, or government.

Attest to these core mission and values in the focus of collaborating in good faith and spirit in the fields of advocacy, lobbying, research and raising the voices of the injured.

We commit to,

Working together, under the core mission of patient advocacy, to conduct and encourage research on COVID vaccine injuries, share research data, and coordinate presentation of findings when applicable with the ultimate goal to heal the injured.

Encouraging scientific and medical institutions to recognize reactions and support scientific research to help better understand the possible etiologies of such reactions.

Collaborating, in full transparency and when feasible, on building an international coalition, research efforts, sharing of data, and awareness raising campaigns.

Raising awareness of COVID vaccine reactions and the plight of those afflicted on local, national and international levels.

Advocating, when possible, that vaccine manufacturers and government agencies demonstrate transparency in disclosing clinical trial data and establish programs to openly investigate the vaccine injured.

Making good efforts to speak on behalf of the injured under the primary context of directing aid, recognition and support while remaining politically non-aligned.

Reserving the right to cooperate with other movements, institutions and organizations that share similar missions and core values of advocating for the COVID vaccine injured.

For more information on React-19 and for a further printable copy of the International Declaration please visit their website available at

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