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Caroline Pover gives us a first hand look at what's within the pages of her CVARS Guide

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Caroline Pover - UK CV Family Member, entrepreneur, advocate and award-winning author has a new video available. Taken from a chat with React-19, Caroline introduces us to her 5* recommended CVARS Guide. If you are unsure how it can help, the following video introduction goes into further detail on the CVARS Guide.

"A framework for how to organise your own healing, your own recovery, your own research" - Caroline Pover, fierce wordsmith and philanthropist.

Caroline's CVARS Guide interview is available below and on Odysee. The interview can also be shared directly using the following link:

Find out more about Caroline's CVARS Guide

The Covid Vaccine Adverse Reaction Survival Guide can help "If you’re dealing with a range of complicated and confusing health problems following a Covid vaccination." Caroline's CVARS Guide is also "essential reading for anyone providing personal or professional support to someone dealing with an adverse reaction."

For further information about Caroline, the CVARS Guide and how to order, please click here or use the 'Resources' link in the menu.

All purchases of the CVARS Guide through our Amazon link here or on the CVARS Guide page helps to support our group.

Need support, or are you interested in offering yours?

If you are based in the UK and have been injured after receiving your Covid-19 vaccine, you can reach us by email at or visit us on our Facebook page.

UK CV Family is run by Covid-19 vaccine-injured volunteers living in the UK. We need your help to keep our group going and raise awareness so that we can support all of our UK CV Family members and others affected by the Covid-19 vaccines. If you would like to offer support, we accept donations via GoFundMe using this link:

Thank you, we are truly grateful for any help you can provide.


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