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Chair of Trustees for UKCVFamily registered charity (1207178) Speaking on behalf of UKCVFamily, Caroline said: “We welcome the news of AstraZeneca withdrawing its Covid vaccine, and are thankful that there can be no more people damaged by their product.

“We would love to speak to AstraZeneca regarding our adverse reactions and the support that we need.”

A spokesperson for AstraZeneca said they were unable to comment on individual cases but said: “Patient safety is our highest priority.

You can read the full article here

Founder of UKCVFamily, Charlet Crichton spoke with Camilla Turner from The Telegraph this week, after a U turn from the Health Secretary, Victoria Atkins MP.

This comes after nearly three years of UKCVFamily highlighting the flaws of the vaccine damage payment scheme.

The scheme was a temporary measure put in place in the 1970s whilst the Pearson review took place. Unfortunately the review concluded but the government never adopted the suggestions made and the temporary scheme became permanent.

Currently, according to a recent FOI in April 2024, only around 3% of claimants are being awarded the payment with the other 97% being rejected.

UKCVFamily would like to see urgent reform of the "one off payment" which is not classed as compensation by the government.

Charlet Crichton, who founded the charity UK CV Family, which supports those who have suffered side-effects from Covid vaccines, said the scheme was “antiquated” and no longer doing what it was set up to do.

“Ministers say you can use the £120,000 payment to fund litigation – but you can’t, because vaccine damage cases are long, drawn out and costly,” she said. “You would need a couple of million to take the pharmaceutical companies to court. No one has ever successfully won a case of vaccine damage in the uk"

If you would like to support the reform, UKCVFamily have a template letter you can email your MP here

Please save it to your own device and then edit with your details

that you can send your MP, please ask friends and family to also email their MPs!

You can read the full Telegraph write up here

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