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The Can We Talk About It Campaign and Our Global Allies

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

All of us in the UK CV Family can relate to how difficult it is to find support with a Covid-19 Vaccine Injury. Our first and foremost aim has always been to support all those injured. Another way that we can help one another is by raising awareness. As such, we are taking part and supporting the Can We Talk About It campaign.

The campaign will bring the suffering of the injured on social media to the forefront of a place that, until now, has been silenced on the issue. We hope that by aligning ourselves with the international campaign, we can start discussions, change perceptions and feel free to talk about it.

"With the #CanWeTalkAboutIt campaign, we want to create a safe space for those injured to share their stories, get support and have their voices heard. Raise funds that will support global organizations working on projects related to research on vaccine injury, as well as health solutions and lawful processes for those injured." - CanWeTalkAboutIt

You can join the launch live on June 14th, when it will be streamed worldwide. To show your support and join the campaign, please register at Further details on how to participate will be sent to you via email, and the instructions are also available below. Please be sure not to post anything before the actual launch time at 7 pm in the UK!:

"The idea is to flood social media with photos of those who have been vaccine injured and those who want to show their support. Our goal is to let the world know that vaccine injury is affecting millions of people who are currently being censored and ignored by media, doctors and their governments" - CanWeTalkAboutIt.

For those of us in the UK, the intro to the campaign will begin at 6:20 pm, with the launch following at 7 pm. The complete schedule of events, links and more details can be found further below:

Link to their live stream on Rumble:

You can also watch the launch live on our their Facebook page:

Image describes the Can We Talk About It Campaign and how to join

Schedule of Events:

  • Intro to campaign - 18:20

  • Conversation with vaccine injured and experts - 18:30

  • Getting ready for launch - 18:50

  • Live music with Filip Sjöström - 18:57

Website Links:

We've also put together a list of our Global Allies whom we recommend to those outside the UK when seeking further support, assistance or knowledge. You can visit our Global Support Page here.

If you are based in the UK and have been injured after receiving your Covid-19 Vaccine, you can reach us by email at or visit us on our Facebook page.

UK CV Family is run by Covid-19 vaccine-injured volunteers living in the UK. We need your help to keep our group going and raise awareness to support all of our UK CV injured family members and others affected by the Covid-19 Vaccines. If you want to offer support, we accept donations via GoFundMe using this link:

Thank you, we are truly grateful for any help you can provide.


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