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UKCVFamily: Episodes nine and ten - Visit with Brianne Dressen from React-19 and connections

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

In episode 9, Charlet and Caroline talk with Brianne Dressen. Bree was injured during the trials and experienced total isolation from being injured so early on. The three talk about the connections being injured creates. But also, they stress the need for us to balance helping our community with looking after ourselves.

"The connections that we've been able to make are some of the most beautiful connections I could have imagined - it's like a family' - Brianne Dressen, Injured COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial participant and founder of, a long COVID and vaccine adverse events research organisation.

For more information on Bree and React-19, their website is available at

The videos for episodes nine and ten are available below and can be shared with your friends on social media by linking to our page here: htpps:// Alternatively, the links to YouTube and Twitter can be used on your preferred sharing platform:

Links to episode nine -

UKCVFamily - Episode 9, At the end of the day, it's all just PANTS!

In 'Episode 10, Disconnect to Reconnect', Charlet and Caroline talk about feeling disconnected to ourselves and the world around us, the things that make us feel connected again, and venture into thoughts on hormones, menopause, sore lady bits cream, and pants (of course!).

Links to Episode ten -

UKCVFamily - Episode 10, Disconnect to Reconnect

If you are based in the UK and have been injured after receiving your Covid-19 Vaccine, you can reach us by email at or visit us on our Facebook page.

UK CV Family is run by Covid-19 vaccine-injured volunteers living in the UK. We need your help to keep our group going and raise awareness to support all of our UK CV injured family members and others affected by the Covid-19 Vaccines. If you want to offer support, we accept donations via GoFundMe using this link:

Thank you, we are truly grateful for any help you can provide.


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